February 15, 2024

Experience elevated dining with Co-op's premium fresh meats, setting the gold standard for quality that comes with our unwavering guarantee.

Sourced exclusively from local farmers and ranchers in Western Canada, our fresh meat collection embodies our commitment to freshness and sustainability. This dedication to local sourcing ensures our customers enjoy the freshest, most conscientiously produced options available.

Within our stores, our skilled butchers expertly craft top-tier beef, pork, and chicken each day. Meet Dale, our seasoned in-house butcher, a familiar face and trusted advisor behind the counter. Beyond his friendly demeanor, Dale offers invaluable expertise, assisting you in selecting the perfect cuts and providing essential cooking guidance.

Require a specific cut? Dale our in house butcher effortlessly customizes your meat selections while you shop, guaranteeing your meal matches your exact preferences. Experience culinary excellence with Co-op's premium fresh meats, tailored precisely to your vision.

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