Four Rivers Co-op Acquires Spruce Capital Feeds
January 26, 2024

Four Rivers Co-op announced that it has acquired Spruce Capital Feeds. The Ag Retailer has been a prominent, locally owned business and staple of the retail community in the Prince George area for more than 50 years.

“We are excited about this acquisition, one that makes a great deal of sense for our Co-op,” said Allan Bieganski, Chief Executive Officer of Four Rivers Co-op. “Spruce Capital Feeds and Co-op share a commitment to serving the people and places that make up our local community. Rest assured, we will continue to provide customers with the same great quality products and services, now under the Co-op shield.”

As part of this acquisition, Four Rivers Co-op intends to offer these quality products and services under a new name. The retail will now be called ‘Co-op Capital Feeds’, ensuring that customers will still be able to ‘look for the horse in the sky’ for all their Ag retail needs.

“Spruce Capital Feeds has always been a well-run business. We will look to further that legacy as we look to diversify our Co-op offerings in the Prince George and surrounding areas,” said Bieganski. “We aren’t coming in looking to make wholesale changes. Our goal is to build on the success of this operation and work with the Capital Feeds team to ensure the transition is as seamless as possible.”

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